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Welcome to BodyOlogy Weight Loss

It’s really quite simple, the world is advancing with technology and whether you love it or hate it, it is here to stay! BodyOlogy is advanced medical grade technology, which is registered with the Australian Governments TGA as a Class 1 Medical device.  It is a breakthrough with modern science and weight loss. What we offer is a sound solution to peoples weight problems, it is not fat cavitation, radio frequency, laser, or any other ‘so called’ weight loss device – it is next generation micro current working at a cellular level, which works naturally with your body’s own electrical system. With us, you do not have to actually go through an exercise session, our Micro current technology initiates muscle contractions and those contractions, along with the rest periods between contractions, simulate a workout. This is bliss for people who hate going to the gym. You are also very restricted with how heavy the weights are at the gym to avoid injury, we can take you past that threshold without risk. The high-intensity initial contractions use up the metabolic energy at a very fast rate, while the moderate intensity increases the resting period. This is the best way to maximize energy used and efficiently burns the fat selectively.

Here is a brief summary of some of the BodyOlogy benefits;

Combine it with our own highly nutritional meal replacements and watch the centimetres fall off. Keep in mind also1 KG of lean muscle burns up to 1465 kilojoules per day naturally – 1KG of fat burns 20-40 kilojoules per day. Time to muscle up!! Read more about this. 

BodyOlogy successfully build lean muscle within your body, women underestimate the benefits of added lean muscle within our bodies, not only will you turn into a natural fat burning machine but the increase in core strength and bone density will see you avoid strains, sprains and other injuries as we age, the benefits of lean muscle are endless.  click here for more info on ‘lean muscle’.

There is no pain, no surgery, no downtime, no bruising, it’s not water loss – in fact after each session, you will feel ‘happy hormones’, this is a feel good treatment that you can enjoy and the bonus – you will see your body change quickly!


Some of our services

BodyOlogy Overall Body Weight Loss

BodyOlogy Spot Reduction

BodyOlogy Services Tightening and Toning

BodyOlogy Services Men Only


*Hi, I had BodyOlogy microcurrent treatments on my butt & inner thighs area & i saw results after 7 treatments. I noticed that my jeans were looser and there appeared to be a bit of a ‘lift’ happening on my butt. I ate within my calories and did exercise during my treatments however i don’t believe i would have gotten anywhere near as good results without Bodyology. I had tried many other things in the past including exercise, hypoxi & painful lipodissolve injections…. none of that has given me anywhere near the results that Bodyology’s micocurrent machine has, so Im VERY happy to have invested in this treatment! My next step wld have been liposuction so im happy to spend the money i wld normally have paid for that.. to do this non invasive treatment instead. My biggest vote of confidence in this is that im doing more… and i cant wait to see the results after another 10 or 20 sessions! Oh also Juliana is great! She keeps you chatting throughout and makes you feel comfortable so the time just flies!. If your thinking about it, stop thinking and give it a shot…. And I hope you’re as happy as i am.
J HayleyHawthorn

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*Please note results may vary from person to person