Do you have a part of your body that you just can’t seem to ever get toned? BodyOlogy Micro current technology will non-surgically sculpt those areas of your body, tighten wrinkled or loose skin, and encourage your body to shape and tone your muscles.

Distribution Where our body stores fat depends upon our:

Just as these factors affect where our bodies store fat, they also affect where and in what sequence fat is lost on our bodies.

Fat Storage and Loss Sequences

Approximately half of our stored body fat is stored in between the skin and muscles. The other half is stored around our organs. The fat stored under the skin is not distributed evenly around the body. Typically we all have thinner layers of fat on our face, hands, neck, calves and forearms, while the layers around the core of our body (including the upper arms and legs) are usually a lot thicker. Generally speaking, when our body draws on fat stores for fuel, it draws it relatively evenly from all over the body.

However, it is also believed that fat will generally be lost first from the area of the body where it was last deposited. For women, this means that we will lose fat first from places like our face, neck, wrists, hands and calves, and lastly from places like our hips, thighs and upper arms. For men, the last place they will lose fat is usually around the tummy.


BodyOlogy is working at a cellular level and doing the work for you. BodyOlogy works with skin, fat, muscle, connective tissue and the circulatory and lymphatic systems are all stimulated effectively to slim, tighten, tone, lift, firm, shape and rejuvenate. More collagen and elastin are produced than we have made in years (or decades)! As we age, our body loses much of its natural electrical energy, much like a battery gradually losing its charge. On a cellular level this leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin, which leads to fatty deposits and lose sagging skin.

BodyOlogy Micro current emits subtle electrical frequencies that mimic the body’s own electrical signals, thereby increasing the amount of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel of human cells) by as much as 500%. Such increased levels of ATP speed cellular metabolism. With BodyOlogy micro current treatments, the body is literally being recharged back to its more youthful electrical state, as though a draining battery were plugged into a charger. With each treatment, ATP levels are stockpiled or stored, which is why the sculpting results are cumulative and become better as a series of treatments progress.

We will only focus and isolate the equipment to only work on that one area and the results will speak for themselves. Another area we can assist with – is large calves, some ladies find it very difficult to fit into normal boots but we can reduce down the size of your calf muscle.

*Results may vary from person to person. Recommended to be
used in conjunction with a healthy diet & exercise


This question is on everyone’s lips when they first want to lose weight “Should I start with cardio or weight training?” Hearing the words that cardio will burn more calories than weight training in a shorter amount of time, is all that most people need to jump on the treadmill and disregard the weights rack altogether. Although this is true, weight training has added benefits for your body that you simply can’t achieve with doing cardio alone. Increasing your lean muscle mass can help speed up your body’s fat-burning ability and could be your key to permanent weight loss.