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All of our equipment has Australian Government TGA accreditation – Class 1 Medical
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We know the power of our technology but more than happy to prove it to you by offering you an introductory treatment. It is $99 and includes a treatment on your full abdominal muscles (see diagram), we measure pre-and post and you will see the CM drop (from 3-8CMS), you will feel a surge in energy within 24 hours of having treatment, as we are working at a Cellular level and will stimulate your ATP (energy in the cells), by stimulating ATP, we will speed up your metabolism, you will feel the skin on your stomach tighter, more toned and muscles harder, at the introductory treatment, our therapist has a chance to listen to you and what you are wanting to achieve, we can then discuss a longer-term treatment plan should you wish to continue.  By offering you this opportunity, we are proving to you that BodyOlogy works, the rest is up to you!Total time of introductory booking is 45 minutes – treatment time is 20 minutes. 

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your weightloss JOURNEY


We know the agony surrounding starting the weight loss journey and thousands of people have come through our doors over the years looking for a magical solution. We are here to tell you IT DOESN’T EXIST!! – What we do is combine our technology, fundamental advice on good nutrition (there is no rocket science here), and get you moving 2-3 times a week – then you have the ‘secret to success’. BodyOlogy will shift stagnated fluids, break down hard fat, increase energy through the stimulation of ATP, your metabolism will begin to speed up, your core will strengthen, and you will feel ready to take on your own journey. 

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Yes, we have SHATTERED the old myth around SPOT REDUCTION


If you have a flat tummy, you are in an extreme minority group! Many of our clients are seeking help with the reduction of belly fat, we know that as we reduce the belly fat and you are following the advice of good nutrition and some movement 2-3 times a week, combined with our technology, the body fat will begin to reduce overall. We have the ability to isolate the exact area of concern – if you think about a sit-up, you use all upper body muscles to just attempt a good sit up with form (which is quite useless to shift body fat), by isolating the abs alone, we hone into the problem and break down the fatty tissue. We consistently drop CMS at each session with varying degrees of results.

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Slow down the AGEING 
PROCESS and turn your 
body clock BACK

This is our pride and joy! We’ve lost count of the number of individuals that have come through our doors for weight loss and ended up with the benefits of lean muscle, increased core strength allowing them to go back to sports and work that they just couldn’t do due to the natural effects of ageing in the human body. When we increase lean muscle, we increase bone density, assist in avoiding osteoporosis and so much more. The benefits of a strong core are invaluable, less likely to have an injury, allowing you to be so much more adventurous with activities and increasing overall quality of life. Lifting weights for the above is always an option but BodyOlogy contracts muscles at 35/second, achieving results that are so much stronger without risk of injury to ligaments and tendons and very isolated, so intensely working one area without spreading the effort across many other muscle groups.

State of the art microcurrent technology that has scientific data to back its ability to work with the human body’s own electric system at one millionth of an AMP. This is used to achieve natural weight loss along with several other health, fitness and beauty related goals. The body treatments perform an intense anaerobic cardio workout, imitating vigorous exercise that primarily uses the bodies stored fuel for energy. Once the glycogen has been used, it taps into the stored fat cells for fuel. The recovery phase is when the muscle relaxes and accepts oxygen completing the breakdown of lactic acid to H2O and CO2. In Layman’s terms, you just lay down and relax as the therapist and machines do their work.


You just lay down, relax and lose weight as the BodyOlogy therapist and machines do the work! We use high performance electrodes as a conductor to carry the microcurrent to the muscles. We then control the frequency and contractions (usually 25 per second) which in turn creates Lipolysis, the breakdown of fatty tissue. Each visit to us will result in some fat loss from the stubborn area.

How Do We Do It?

Due to the increased efficiency of utilizing the body’s ATP (fuel), metabolism increases, and toxins flush out. This results in weight loss, reduction of scar tissue and cellulite (subcutaneous fat). In Layman’s terms, you guessed it - Just lay down, relax and let the therapist and system do the work as you lose weight.

What Happens?

Anyone who wishes to embark on a journey of good health:


Reduce excess belly fat, men, women of all ages

Kick start your own overall weight loss journey safely and effectively

Post-natal, allows us to shift that baby bulge and strengthen up your core

Post Injury- reluctant to pound pavements or hit gyms, allow us to help with lean muscle (no effort)

Over 50 and keen to increase your quality of life, we give you a new lease on life!

Anti-ageing - we can work with prevention or cure. Lifting and strengthening facial and neck muscles

Who Can We Help?