“We are the Leaders in Innovation”

Our story began in 2008 when we opened a little beauty salon in west Melbourne, it grew so fast within 8 months we had to relocate to bigger premises in Docklands, we decided the only way to keep a handle on things was to franchise, so by 2010 we had 5 franchise stores in Melbourne and NSW. Our focus shifted early 2011 to health and wellness, rather than aesthetics and we opened a new salon just focusing on weight loss and anti ageing by early 2012 this salon was booming.

We continued to refine and focus on technology around the globe, although we were getting good results with existing equipment, we wanted to get great results for our clients. As fate would have it, we were introduced to an international engineering company who had manufactured the now called ‘’miracle’ machine, after trialling this machine for 6 months we knew where we were headed and BodyOlogy was born.

In 2014 we sold all the other franchise beauty salons just to focus on the BodyOlogy journey. BodyOlogy is dedicated to developing weight loss solutions that work, we are not a beauty salon, our technology is backed by strong clinical data and science, we have hundreds of raw testimonials from clients who have experienced a multitude of changes within their bodies by undergoing our treatments, from a reduction in circumference, to instant toning in the feel of their skin, to definition in body shape and much more.

Our Mission

To provoke an emotional reaction in everything we do! Whether it’s a success story that resonates in our clients’ hearts, or a moment that gives them shivers, the result may be a hearty belly laugh or tears of sadness. Either way we hope to touch the hearts of people and build the trust necessary to make the long-term lifestyle changes together.

Our Company Values

BodyOlogy wants to reach out to people and offer the ‘marvel of modern science’ tool, which can be the kick start of a new journey or the end result of a long and rewarding lifestyle change – either way, we are here to help you and make a difference.


We believe in the strength to take the first step to change. Our courage translates into a willingness to tread where others have not, and to take giant leaps. We innovate. We lead. And we encourage everyone to take control of their own lives, you create your own destiny!


We tell it like it is. Yes, we have the magic of technology right here for you BUT most importantly, is YOU, your attitude and commitment, you already have ours!


Passion is at the root of everything we do at BodyOlogy, Our franchisees, our employees, our consultants, our directors. It infuses into every part of our story and provides a never-ending opportunity to inspire our clients every single day, making them the true champions of a healthier, rewarding life


Our equipment is entered in the ARTG (263152)


BodyOlogy is a multi-award winning company! We have won Best and Most Outstanding for Advanced Weight Loss Solutions Australia in 2015 and 2016.