BodyOlogy Technology is the next generation of micro current. Our equipment has 102 world class patents taking micro current as we know it to a very different scientific level.  Although micro current devices have been around for over 50 years for pain relief, our equipment was built specifically for weight loss, it offers many different protocols which allows us to offer a broad range of treatments to our clients. The BodyOlogy equipment is entered in the ARTG (263152).

One thing we have realised over the last 5 years of closely working in the weight loss industry, is exercise, diet, mindset – isn’t enough, it is a big picture that involves a little bit of everything, what BodyOlogy brings to the table is the “missing link”. We have a range of very successful programs catering to most people’s needs, we also have our very own exclusive nutritional meal replacement that is low carb, high protein, designed to work in conjunction with our treatments.

Micro current is the closest thing to how our own body’s electrical system works, it is completely safe, the body doesn’t see it as foreign like: fat cavitation, laser, radio frequency and other modalities out there, so it embraces it and it’s like a marriage made in heaven, results speak for themselves!!

Whether you want to:

  • Kick start the journey – this is perfect for the person who is quite large, as it will increase confidence quickly and they will become more motivated.
  • Spot reduction – We can spot reduce any area of the body.
  • Ongoing maintenance – you have already done the hard work, you have the desired body but need to maintain it without going to the gym, BodyOlogy will keep you on track, with our lucrative membership packages.
  • Body Sculpting – We can change your shape, once we get the body fat down to a desired level, we then start to sculpt, the packages are endless!
  • Core strength – Whether you are post-natal, rehabilitating from surgery or injury, elderly and experiencing a lack of muscle mass.

*Please note results may very from person to person