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Our business has constantly evolved over the past 5 years! We know the power of ourtechnology with breaking down fatty tissue, shifting fluid, etc. That was always our primaryfocus but along the way, clients were always talking about health benefits – back painreducing, prolapsed tummy muscles after pregnancy repairing, incontinence disappearingdue to the strength in pelvic floor muscles, seniors who had slowed down due to injury,recommended by GPs to reduce tummy fat, after coming to us had a new lease on life withcore strength and increased muscle, we could go on and on. So, although our focus is stillweight loss, there are so many more wonderful benefits to the human body and they arenow primary benefits, not secondary. Around 3.7 million Australians (15% of the population)are aged 55 and over, considering how quickly we lose muscle tone from age 35, our abilityto build muscle in the body without risk of injury (lifting weights) is a major draw card for usand opens up an entire new market. Technology is now dominating our world and love it orhate it, it’s here to stay!


    Our Mission

    To provoke an emotional reaction in everything we do! Whether it’s a success story that resonates in our clients’ hearts, or a moment that gives them shivers, the result may be a hearty belly laugh or tears of sadness. Either way we hope to touch the hearts of people and build the trust necessary to make the long-term lifestyle changes together.

Our Values.


We believe in the strength to take the first step to change. Our courage translates into a willingness to tread where others have not, and to take giant leaps. We innovate. We lead. And we encourage everyone to take control of their own lives, you create your own destiny!


We tell it like it is. Yes, we have the magic of technology right here for you BUT most importantly, is YOU, your attitude and commitment, you already have ours!


Passion is at the root of everything we do at BodyOlogy, Our franchisees, our employees, our consultants, our directors. It infuses into every part of our story and provides a never-ending opportunity to inspire our clients every single day, making them the true champions of a healthier, rewarding life.


BodyOlogy machines didn’t require accreditation but as we like to work with ‘excellence’ – we decided to embark on the journey of Medical grade approval. After many years of working with the TGA systems, we finally received our accreditation of Class 1 Medical Grade for Body and Facial machines in October 2015, which we believe gives us immense credibility and peace of mind to our clients. Our equipment is entered in the ARTG (263152)

Our Awards.
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Insider Business - Awards 2015

Best for Advanced Weight Loss Solutions Australia International Winner 2015

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Excellence Awards 2016

Winner - Most Outstanding (Advanced Weight Loss Solutions)

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Insider Business - Awards 2016

Best for Advanced Weight Loss Solutions Australia International Winner 2016

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