Anti-ageing for the body

OUR SECRET WEAPON THAT WE ARE NOW SHARING WITH YOU – The Power of Lean Muscle in the Human Body


1. Lean Muscle = Metabolism

There is nothing else you can do — and certainly nothing you can eat — that will actually boost your metabolism, except for adding lean mass and moving your lean mass.

Forget about the supplement ads that claim Green Tea, protein, or some berry from the Amazonian jungle can boost your metabolism.

They are UNTRUE

The truth is – only muscle boosts metabolism…. Period. And everyone knows how important your metabolism is for staying lean and healthy.

2. Lean Muscle = Curves in all the right spots

Here’s the equation to putting curves in all the right spots, no matter if you are a man or a woman:

Build muscle + boost metabolism + burn fat from bad curves + add muscle to right curves = Totally sexy body

Let’s see cardio do that. Won’t happen.

3. Lean Muscle = Strength in old age

Having strength in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond is far more important than cardio fitness in old age. People don’t fall because they lack cardio fitness. They don’t get put in wheelchairs because they can’t jog 10k. They become disabled because they have no muscle or strength.

Some residents in nursing homes are not there because all of a sudden, they hit 70, or because they are unwell, mostly it is due to being fragile and the potential to injury if they fall, is high, so for their safety, they are put away into homes, which is so wrong and can be easily avoided in a lot of circumstances.   These people can still move — If they can get up. But they aren’t strong, so they remain confined to beds. BodyOlogy are so determined to make a change in society and stop the rapid growth of nursing homes for all of the wrong reasons!!!!!!

4. Lean muscle = Bone density = avoid osteoporosis!!

5. Muscle = A good reason to eat more food… and the ability to burn more calories

Secret is out and so so simple with BodyOlogy = lean muscle makes the body work so hard to maintain it – 1KG of far burns around 40KJs per day and 1KG of muscle burns 1470KJs per day – you do the maths!! If you want to control your weight for the rest of your life, answer is right in front of you – LEAN MUSCLE

6. Muscle = Functional Strength

Whether it is carrying groceries, controlling your crazy dog on a leash, or cleaning out the garage, the more muscle you have, the easier everything will be. Muscle = POWER.

7. Muscle = Confidence

With increased lean muscle and that core strength, you will walk taller and hold your head higher, it will give you this increased confidence that you forgot you had hidden inside you.  You will want to go shopping for clothes that fit, not baggy sacks to hide under.  People are attracted to confidence, they want to be around you and know your secret

8. Muscle = Looking awesome in a t-shirt, no matter what gender, no matter where you go

Again, just another example of how lean mass gives you power, confidence, and a reason to buy really nice-fitting clothes.  Is there anything more rewarding than going shopping for new clothes and everything you put on you like on your body??

9. Muscle = Core Strength

Everything you do from getting out of bed, to lifting your children, to putting shopping in the boot, requires a core and women and childbirth, can seriously deplete the core, please allow us to help you regain that core and improve the quality of living

10. Muscle = No regrets

To build lean muscle, you need to do weight training, for all of us, that involves risk to joints and tendons, just let BodyOlogy do it all for you while you relax and read a magazine.