Facial Treatments we offer:

Reduction of Fine Lines
Reduction of Deep Wrinkles
Lift Forehead
Eyebrow Lift
Eye Lift
Lift and Smooth Lines
Smooth Fine and Deep Lines
Rid Puffy Eyes
Remove Smokers Lines
Smooth and Enhance Skin Tone
Full Facial Sculpting
Plump Lips
Jaw lift
Cheek Lift
Rid Double Chin
Rid jowls
Lift Neck Muscles
Smooth Fine Lines on Décolletage
Iontophoresis (infusion of product)

Components of our Treatments

Fat Reduction


Anti-Ageing Packages – Prices from $260 per treatment

Treatment 1
Top of cheekbone to hairline (60 mins)

Forehead (pads)
Brow Lift (pico probes)
Eye Work (single probes)

Treatment 2
Double Chin – Fat Reduction (60 mins)

All jawline work (pads, pico probes)

Treatment 3
Jawline up to cheeks – Sculpting (60 mins)

Above jawline up to top of cheeks (before eye area) (pads, pico probes)

$260 per treatment
$260 per treatment
$260 per treatment
Treatment 4
Lip and chin – Anti-Ageing (60 mins)

Lips and above
Below lips into chin crevice (pads, pico probes)
Eye Work (single probes)

Treatment 5
Neck and decolletage (60 mins)

All neck area (pico probes)
Down to decolletage (silver gloves)

$260 per treatment
$260 per treatment

The Hollywood Sculpt

Super Deluxe Facial Treatment
2 hours – Full face, Neck and Décolletage

– Micro
– Nano
– Pico
– Silver Gloves

$465 Per treatment