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Kickstart your

Weight Loss Journey

Do you want to know the secret to instant weight loss?

Time to get real, we all know that it doesn't exist. This is a formula to get you on track. 

Ready. Set. BODYOLOGY.
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Get Your Head Right

Are you commited?

If you are just testing the water with your big toe, then don’t waste your money. BodyOlogy want you to succeed. We don’t want to be another FAD diet plan or exercise program added to your list that didn’t work! Nothing in life that’s worthwhile is easy. If you are ready for the journey, which means you are mentally committed, then we’re ready to see you!

Our Technology

A Marvel of Modern Science

BodyOlogy Technology is the next generation of microcurrent. Our equipment has 102 world class patents taking microcurrent to a whole new scientific level. Although microcurrent devices have been around for over 50 years for pain relief, our equipment was engineered specifically for weight loss. It offers many different protocols which allows us to offer a broad range of health, fitness and beauty treatments for our clients.

High Octane Fuel


As this is a kickstart to weight loss for your body, we:  shift stagnated fluids that will eventually turn into fat.  Speed up your metabolism by stimulating your muscles.  Break down fatty tissue as you to tighten and tone your tummy. As such, your body will require high octane fuel to work at full capacity. So, when you begin the kick start program, part of our gift to you is a $250 complimentary Gift pack full of goodies! This includes your first 15 BodyOlogy meal replacements, sugar free, high protein & only 227 calories per shake.

Hydration and Movement

The Important Catalysts

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. It’s clear that we need it to survive, so please understand the importance of water with BodyOlogy microcurrent treatments. The more hydrated, the better the result. You see, water is a conductor to electricity, and we are using a tiny micro current to stimulate your muscles to break down the fat. Sweating releases toxins and fat is toxic. As such, it is imperative that you do sweat. A quick 15-minute walk in the morning or night will make such a big difference in your journey. The more you sweat, the quicker the results.

No More Diets

The Forbidden Word

Diets plans can be dangerous. They will give you false hope and very little of the FAD diets are sustainable. So, please use your common sense and follow our advice on nutrition when you commence our Kickstart Program. Your body and mind will seriously love you for it!

Here are some real life Statistics

based on Real Life Clients
There have been thousands of satisfied clients through our doors over the years. So, we decided to study the statistics and figure out why some got sensational results reaching their weight loss goals, while others attained only average outcomes. The trend was clear as the graph shows the success rate of clients based on the criteria they followed while on their journey.
2 BodyOlogy Treatments
4 BodyOlogy Treatments
4 Treatments + BodyOlogy Shake
4 Treatments + BodyOlogy Shake + Balanced Nutrition
4 Treatments + BodyOlogy Shake + Balanced Nutrition + Movement