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BodyOlogy is so much more than weight loss
Invaluable benefits are in each and every treatment. If you could take out an insurance policy to protect yourself against premature ageing, fragility, injuries, diseases and more, would you?

Some of our benefits;

  • Consistent CM drop 
  • Shifting fluids that will stagnate and eventually turn to fat 
    • No energy expelled, in fact, we increase your energy 
    • If you think about a gym workout or a run after work – yikes, it can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do after a big day in the office. 
    • When you visit BodyOlogy, you lay down, relax and the therapist and system do the work BUT you leave energized, like charging up a run down battery!! 
  • Increase of lean muscle 
    • Without risk of injury lifting weights 
    • Increased core strength to avoid injuries 
    • Improved posture avoiding back aches 
    • Increased in bone density assisting with overall strength and avoiding osteoporosis 
    • Increased metabolism 
  • More muscle, more calories burnt without adjusting diet 
    • 1KG of fat burns approx. 20-40KJs per day 
    • 1KG of muscle burns approx. 1470 KJs per day 
  • Increase of collagen for skin tightening 
  • Increase of elastin to slow down ageing process 
  • Appetite will stabilise, reducing cravings 
  • Increased muscle makes the body work harder, so sleeping becomes a pleasure 
  • Increased energy due to the stimulation of ATP 
  • More energy, more quality of life 
  • Increased energy, gives mental clarity 
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence 
  • Our treatments take you past your own thresh hold – in the gym you know your limit – e.g. barbell curl might be 10-15kg and you struggle to get those last few reps out, so form disappears and injury is possible – At BodyOlogy, we will safely take you way past your thresh hold by controlling the contraction and rest time, so whether its for toning or bulking, we can do it all! 
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