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BodyOlogy are always striving to improve and all of our programs are designed from actual 
statistics of existing and past clients.

We listen to our clients, we see what works and what needs improvement. We get that everyone is different and 
availability to commit to a program, so you will see that the options offer you a level of flexibility and value 
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For the truly committed with the ability to focus for a 30-day period 
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For the ones that just need an intense 2-week program to drop 3-5 KG 
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For the truly committed but strapped for time due to busy lifestyle, then 333 is for you, although still intense and directly targeting major body changes, it buys you more time 


Ready to maintain a body that they worked hard to get


The people who are actually happy in their skin but looking for health and wellness. 
 Example: The male/female early 40s or 50s appreciates the benefits of BodyOlogy for prevention of ageing and keeping strong

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You just lay down, relax and lose weight as the BodyOlogy therapist and machines do the work! We use high performance electrodes as a conductor to carry the microcurrent to the muscles. We then control the frequency and contractions (usually 25 per second) which in turn creates Lipolysis, the breakdown of fatty tissue. Each visit to us will result in some fat loss from the stubborn area.

How Do We Do It?