Below we will try to answers those niggling little questions that we know you have but please understand what we do is very exclusive and we really do need to see you to properly assess you and give you an honest opinion.

How many sessions do I need?

This is a very difficult question to answer without seeing you first but to give you an indication, all of our packages are custom designed to suit your needs, hence why we need to do an assessment.

Again depending on what areas we are targeting, how much weight you wish to lose, what type of issue we are dealing with – it all contributes to your overall appraisal. Our packages are from 10 treatments and up to 200 treatments. If you are one of the very few that don’t need a minimum of 10, there is an option to pay as you go and just do a few for muscle definition.

When will I see results?
With the thousands of clients through our doors since 2011, we do not have one that hasn’t had a result of some kind!! What is most impressive and exciting about our BodyOlogy treatments is that improvements are seen within the first treatment. We work with shrinkage in centimetres and every session after that you will keep shrinking. Response to treatment does, of course vary between patients and it may take more treatments to achieve desired results. A big contributing factor to overall success, is YOU!! Are you committed? Are you going to work with us?

If so, look out,we are a powerful team!! Our equipment is medical grade – Class 1 and working with micro current technology, which is working at a cellular level, so you won’t only see this change but you will feel different, as we continue to work with you, you will appreciate a new found energy as the toxins are removed from your body and of course a new found confidence, your metabolism will begin to speed up immediately but thankfully the more lean muscle we increase in your body, your calorie intake doesn’t have to shift that much, as you will be burning a tonne more calories naturally.

In saying that, we want you to be conscious of what you are eating and it’s all about common sense with nutrition!! you will see a serious change in your skin tone with increased (invisible) lean muscle. We know for a fact that women do not realise the overwhelming benefits of ‘increased lean muscle’ in their body.

Increases bone density (less injuries as we age)

Your skin tone will become smoother & tighter

Feel the increase in your overall core strength

The more lean muscle in the body, you are turning your own body into a fat burning machine – experts say metabolism is, for the most part, determined by our bodies lean muscle mass. “One kilogram of muscle will burn about 627 to 1465 kilojoules per day, while 1kg of fat only burns about 20 to 40 kilojoules per day.” It makes sense to try to not only preserve lean muscle mass, but increase it.

We understand that our clients want value when it comes to investing in their health and the appearance of their body. Value does not mean cheap, it means quality gained for the investment. We liken our BodyOlogy technology to a Rolls Royce, it is premium quality. We will always honor an introductory treatment at $99, during this time we can do a full consultation and assess your needs.

Paying Upfront for a package
Packages are the ideal way to go with us, they are designed to get you on a new path and you must be committed to this program to get optimum from it

You have your very own dedicated BodyOlogy therapist to work with you along the way

You have access to BodyOlogy’s exclusive nutritional meal replacements, designed to work in conjunction with our technology, low carb and high protein BUT how they differ from commercial brands is the key – you will get nutritional value and a big energy hit with ours, others are full of sugar and will lift you and drop you – zero nutritional valueAll packages include your first 15 meal replacements included

Depending on the package that is recommended, prices will range from $75-$166/treatment.

BONUS FOR PAYING UPFRONT – you will receive a $250 gift box of goodies and a free treatment for packages above a certain number of treatments

Weekly Direct Debits
A deposit is required and then weekly payments for your package (weekly payments are determined)

Interest free loan
We can assist you as long as you meet the following criteria
Over 18 years old, working minimum of 30/week, good credit file and pre approval is within 5 minutes and once employment confirmed, full approval often same day.

Pay as you go
$240.00 per treatment aid in advance

How do I know this will work?
You are doing the introduction for $99, this is how you know it works, you will not only see the drop in centimetres and feel things shifting but you feel quite euphoric, we are working at a cellular level and remember our technology is approved by the Australian Government as a class 1 medical grade device – think about this, a rundown battery and when you come to a BodyOlogy clinic, we are going to recharge your batteries!! Which is basically what we will be doing with our next generation micro current working at a cellular level.

The introduction is a 75 minute appointment time, it includes a full treatment on your stomach area for fat reduction, we will measure you pre and post to give you the results but when you go to put your clothes on, you will feel it

*Results may vary from person to person. Recommended to be
used in conjunction with a healthy diet & exercise