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*My doctor was very happy with me today, my waist is down 6cm since my last checkup. All of my numbers were down including sugar. Why am I telling you this?? Cause you were part of that result with your magic machine. Very Happy.

Lou, Townsville QLD
*OMG I feel amazing today mate; my tummy flap feels so much smaller. I am in love with the belly straps now. My legs were a little tired last night and it felt like I had been working out, but today they are fine and actually feel a little firmer. Awesome feeling today😊😊😊
Thanks, so much Kell, you are amazing. Enjoy your day and thank you so much again for all you are doing for me, I really appreciate it all so much.

Deb Y, Townsville QLD
*Thank you for your support during treatments at BodyOlogy. I am very happy with the results. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Milena, Epping VIC
*My name is Patricia and I come to BodyOlogy Docklands. The treatments are intense to get the best results from them. I would recommend the treatments. I have lost CMs from my mid section after 5 sessions. I use the BodyOlogy Shakes once a day. They are thick, creamy and filling. I like to have it thick like a mousse. The staff are extremely friendly and very helpful.

Patricia Dawson, Docklands VIC
*I thought when I first came, ‘Oh, I’ll give it a go, if it doesn’t work, well at least I’ve tried!” But the results are amazing! My butt and thighs are so much trimmed, and cellulite has reduced significantly. I suffered from chronic fatigue as well, and find the treatments give me a surge of energy that helps me get through my days. Michelle is lovely and our chats were great to get through the time! I would definiately recommend BodyOlogy to everyone, and I have!

Rachel Branton, Brighton VIC
*Hello my name is Priscilla. I’ve completed 15 sessions so far and am looking to do more. I’ve lost 28cm, which is extremely noticeable, as clothes that I couldn’t wear fit me now. My friends and family are constantly telling me they’ve noticed a dramatic difference. I will continue my weight loss journey with Bodyology.

Priscilla, Narre Warren VIC
*Hi All, I purchased a 35 session pack from BodyOlogy in Docklands. I cannot say enough. The staff are great and explain to you about how all works. The shakes are very nice and easy to make especially when you’re on the run. After 8 sessions I jumped on the scales and I lost 6.4kg! I’m well on my way to reaching my weight loss goal! Can’t recommend BodyOlogy treatment enough. Do yourself a favour.

Joe Walker, Docklands VIC
*I am half way through my ten session treatment and have lost 14cm. I couldn’t be more pleased and thank Kelly for her help, wonderful conversation and professionalism. This is worthwhile and I highly recommend it. What a confidence boost!

Pam Cvejic, Docklands VIC
*I was so happy with my first package that I bought a second package. I had some great results the first time and can’t wait to see my results this time. Even my friends and family noticed the difference in my legs.

Kyla Lloyd, Docklands VIC
*During my sessions at BodyOlogy my results have been amazing. I never thought this could happen. Customer service from Michelle has been fantastic and I really appreciate the time with her. I will recommend BodyOlogy to everyone.

Caterina Casale, Brighton VIC
*I’m very happy with my results. I would recommend BodyOlogy to anyone needing help to reduce their size and improve their shape. It is a commitment and you need to have the time to not only commit to the sessions but the excercise and healthy eating outside of the sessions, but worth it! I never could have done this without BodyOlogy treatments.

Gabriella Yau, Brighton VIC
*I purchased a 12 session pack from BodyOlogy and have lost 22 centimentres. I feel much lighter now. A big thank you to BodyOlogy staff for the great experience especially Rebecca for her professionalism and for being so nice.

Sunita, Brighton VIC
*The last 3 months has been great for me on my weight loss journey. It has changed my view on diets and has given me the right tools to make better choices and to improve my lifestyle, for the better. I have noticed the before and after photos and the difference is absolutely amazing to see my stomach now so flat.
I have done a lot of weight loss programs and this one has given me the desired results around my stomach. The treatments are great and have a therapeutic quality to them. Even though I have changed a few consultants all 3 have been great and have passed on their knowledge and the understanding of how bodyology works. I should have come sooner to achieve my goals.

I now feel like I have more energy and feel and look healthier. My job is stressful and I now have the energy to get through each day.
I would recommend bodyology to anyone who wants to lose their stomach and to stop feeling bad about their body. I feel great about my body now.

Anon, Brighton VIC
*Hi my name is Sally

I came to BodyOlogy because I have tried everything imaginable. Diets, gym, etc.
I felt tired and depressed.
The girls treated me fantastic.
I Found it was easy no pain.
I have lost 20.5cm with no stress!

*Big thank you to Kylie @ Bodyology Epping!!
After losing 32cm it gave me the incentive and will to go further in my weight loss journey =) A fantastic result, couldn't be more happy.

Barb Anderson
*I first saw brochures where I work and I decided to check it out. The staff were very nice.

On my second round of treatments I find it helps me with motivation and I find it helps me with my aches and pain also.

Townsville Customer 21-4-2018
*I purchased a project you and I am happy with the excellent level of customer service , really recommend to anyone wanting permanent results

Townsville Customer 21-4-2018
*I am Marie, 
I started Bodyology in March 2018 and still going. I have noticed the changes in my body in particular my tummy area. The staff are fantastic, friendly and very attentive. I recommend this treatment to those who want to have a “new you”!

Marie Tamparong - Townsville Clinic - 24 Apr 18